Construction Accidents

$7,000,000 :: Kuykendall and Mahoney

SETTLEMENT : Fall from scaffolding at The Hollywood Bowl

$5,300,000 :: Carrillo v. Rosetti Construction Company, Inc.

SETTLEMENT: Fall from roof during construction project

$5,000,000 :: Smith v. Farmer Brothers

SETTLEMENT : Painter electrocuted when he contacted high voltage power lines

$5,000,000 :: Denney v. J.D. Carley Corp.

SETTLEMENT : Fire on construction site

$4,345,000 :: Salas Family

SETTLEMENT : Roofer fell 13 feet when defective wooden beam broke

$3,600,000 :: Leavitt v. Ultramar

SETTLEMENT : Explosion at oil storage facility

$3,454,328 :: Stamper v. Lawrence Drive Partners

JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff struck by crane when tilt-up wall collapsed

$2,750,000 :: Steel

SETTLEMENT : Fall off platform

$2,500,000 :: MaGee v. Challenge – Cook Brothers, Inc.

SETTLEMENT : Construction worker killed in accident that his father witnessed

$2,165,000 :: Karle v. Aerojet

SETTLEMENT : Fall through roof panel

$1,900,000 :: Jijon v. Todd Construction Services

SETTLEMENT : Fall during construction. Case settled during trial.
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$1,850,000 :: Roche v. City of L.A.

SETTLEMENT : Fall during construction. Case settled during 3rd week of trial.
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$1,762,470 :: Chapman v. L.A. Unified School District

JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff apparently fell from scaffold, but no one witnessed it
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$1,750,000 :: Gonzales

SETTLEMENT : Fall through roof
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$1,600,000 :: Gruenwald

SETTLEMENT : Two ironworkers fell approximately 17 feet
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$1,500,000 :: Lopez v. Monarch Builders

SETTLEMENT : Fall from height
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$1,398,000 :: Metzger v. Ocean Salt

JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff struck by falling pipe
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$1,342,161 :: Wilson v. Edison

JURY VERDICT: Plaintiff electrocuted when backhoe contacted underground power line
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$1,250,000 :: Oester v. Martin Brothers

SETTLEMENT : Ironworker fell down elevator shaft at Ronald Reagan Library
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