Dangerous Roads

We are among a very small handful of law firms in California who have consistently obtained outstanding results in dangerous roads cases against governmental entities.

If the governmental entity has designed or maintained a road in a dangerous condition, making crashes more likely to occur (or more likely to cause serious injuries), it can be held liable. These cases are extremely difficult and require painstaking preparation in order to uncover the history of how a road has been designed and maintained and to determine how the roadway condition has contributed to the plaintiff’s crash.

You need a personal injury lawyer with a record of proving injuries by dangerous roads.

dangerous roads lawsuit In 1997, Richard Koskoff obtained a $28.9 million verdict against the City of Los Angeles based upon the City’s failure to maintain the center line on a City road, which caused a driver to cross over into opposing traffic and strike the plaintiffs’ car. The two plaintiffs were rendered paraplegics. [Read More]

In 2012, Roger Booth obtained a $4 million verdict against the County of San Diego based upon the County’s failure to prevent a County road from perpetually flooding during and after rainstorms. The flooded roadway caused the death of a 22-year-old Marine who was driving home from Camp Pendleton. It is one of the largest verdicts in California history in a case brought by parents for the death of an adult child. [Read the Schultz Case Study]

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Booth & Koskoff’s expertise in dangerous roads lawsuits is also reflected in an article recently written by Roger Booth for the Advocate (the publication of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles) about pursuing wet weather crash cases against the State of California.
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