Sam Kirakosyan

The boomlift accident that my father and I experienced left a devastating effect on us and on our whole family. Months after our release from the hospital, I set out to find an attorney who would help us make sense of this accident. I’m glad to say that my luck brought me to Roger Booth. When we had our first interview to discuss the case, right away I knew it in my heart that I was in the right hands. Mr. Booth truly took the time to understand our situation and most importantly was very honest from the start to the end. In the beginning steps of the case, not only did Booth & Koskoff help us understand how the accident came to be through their intense investigation, but they also found the best doctors for me and my father to continue treatment for our injuries. Mr. Booth did an incredible job resolving the case for us, and we are very thankful for the successful ending to our lawsuit. Thank you for your hard work Mr. Booth. You will always be our family lawyer and friend.

Rosemary and John Mahoney

Robert Orr

Penny Vincelli

I cannot say with enough words my gratefulness to Roger Booth and his staff for all that they have done. My brother Lee was in a very serious accident, which left him with severe brain damage and needing constant nursing care.

I do not live in California, but was given Roger’s name. I called his office and was asked to come in right away and that Roger would be able to meet with me. I was pleasantly surprised how quick this all came about and I liked him from the start. Roger was very kind and clearly communicated to me regarding the process of this lawsuit.

What I also saw was that his skills and expertise really made the whole case go smoothly. I have never liked the idea of a court scene, and I was really not looking forward to it. But the final court hearing was completed in half an hour, and Roger’s abilities made it look easy. The final settlement will take care of my brother for the rest of his life.

Because of Roger’s experience and professionalism, I was able to focus on the others things I needed to do for my brother to care for him during this time. He was a godsend, and I would highly recommend Roger and his staff.

Keith Schultz

My daughter was killed on a dangerous road. The lawyers and staff at Booth & Koskoff were efficient, thorough, helpful and always available, even on weekends. I am very pleased with my overall experience, and I would recommend Booth & Koskoff to anyone who needs an excellent attorney.

Elvia Rodarte

Dale Magner

My family experienced a tremendous loss as a result of my father’s death. During the entire process of investigation and settlement of our case, we were treated with the utmost professionalism by the Booth & Koskoff attorneys and staff. We were represented vigorously in our case. In addition to the outstanding result, the most extraordinary accomplishment was the sense of genuine caring that was exhibited by the people at Booth & Koskoff to my father and felt by all of us during this very difficult time.

Cynthia Mitchell

My teenage son died from a disease he contracted from a drug injection. The first few attorneys I called didn’t want anything to do with my case. It meant taking on a few big, well known corporations, and the disease was unheard of at that point in time. One office gave me Roger Booth’s number, and told me to start there. When I met with Roger, he was honest, genuine, and straight-forward on how we would proceed. Roger took a leap of faith when taking this case. He trusted what I said to be true, and wasn’t afraid to proceed.

Over the next 4 1/2 years, Roger and his staff were always there for my family and went above and beyond in my eyes. He researched relentlessly about the effects of the drug, and my son’s health records. He was there to speak to me on the phone for sometimes hours, if needed. Roger truly cared about the outcome. He never pushed me into any decisions, just informed me of all my options. Although I had unwavering confidence in Roger seeing it through to the end of a long trial, I chose to accept settlements from the three corporations.

This was a difficult time for me, reliving over and over the death of my son. Roger listened to me share about my son, my feelings, my pain and sorrow. I can never thank him enough for the emotional support I received in addition to the legal support. Because of Roger, I have been able to put my son’s horrific death to rest and focus on some of our happier memories together. Thank you.

Claire Rexon

I was rear-ended while driving and severely injured. From the moment I contacted Booth & Koskoff from my hospital bed to the eventual settlement of my case, I experienced nothing but outstanding assistance and representation. All questions and concerns that I had were clearly answered and seriously addressed. They got me an excellent settlement after a tough mediation process, which thankfully saved me from a lengthy trial. Booth & Koskoff is a law firm that I can highly recommend with deep confidence.

Beverly Hubbard

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